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Football FAQs

WVU Student Online Ticket Distribution FAQs

NOTE: In the spirit of promoting a friendly atmosphere where everyone enjoys a fun and safe environment,  there is a no admittance policy at the gates for intoxicated fans. Violators may have their season tickets or  student ticket privileges revoked and face fines and arrest.

1. How do I get a student ticket?

Student activities fee-paying students can go to this website and follow the directions to get a  t icket: .

2. How do I get a ticket if I’m a graduate or professional student?

All Activities fee-paying graduate and professional students will be eligible to request student  tickets online.

3. What do I need to enter Milan Puskar Stadium for football games?

Student activities fee-paying students will need their valid student ticket and their valid WVU  Student ID. A visual check of the student ID will be done to ensure the name on the ticket is the  same as the name on the ID. Tickets will then be scanned by a hand-held scanner. Students will  not be admitted without BOTH their valid student ticket and their valid WVU student ID. No  other form of photo ID will be accepted. Tickets cannot be printed at the stadium.

4. Which gate do I enter?

Students should enter on East side of the stadium. Gates there will be marked either  Maniacs/Upper Deck or Lower Deck/Senior Spirit. Be sure to get into the proper line.

5. Which students will receive wristbands?

Students sitting in either the Lower Deck or in Senior Spirit Section 121 will receive wristbands  as they enter the student gates marked for their sections. They will receive wristbands that ensure  they can enter and re-enter their sections, should they leave to use facilities or purchase  refreshments. Students in the Upper Deck and Maniac sections will not receive wristbands, but  should be ready to present their tickets and/or IDs when entering and re-entering their sections.

This system is in place to prevent overcrowding of sections.

6. Will I still be able to sit with my friends?

All student seating sections are general admission seating. This enables students to sit with  f riends and select their preferred seat locations within their designated sections. We cannot  guarantee that students will be ticketed for the same section unless they have Maniac tickets.

7. Are Mountaineer Maniac tickets included in the approximately 12,500 tickets reserved for students?

Yes; however, any Maniac seats not reserved during the claim period will be released to the  general student body during the print on demand period. Maniacs who plan to attend a game  should be sure to claim their tickets in the first claim period in order to assure that they will receive  their reserved ticket.

8. How are guest tickets purchased?

Students may purchase one (1) guest ticket each IF tickets remain available during the on-demand  period. The number of guest tickets available will be 500 or less. Student guest tickets costs vary  depending on the game. Student guest tickets are non-refundable and may only be purchased  online. The guest ticket will be for general admission in the Upper Deck or Senior Spirit Section  121. The location will be noted on the ticket.

9. What Loyalty and Seniority Points are given to students at the start of the season?

At the start of the season, eligible students will receive 20% of their loyalty points from last season.

Students will also receive loyalty points for seniority at the start of the season, as follows:

  • Seniors/Grads: 5
  • Juniors: 3
  • Sophomores: 2
  • Freshmen: 1

10. How are additional Loyalty Points earned?

Loyalty Points are earned through attendance at home games, which is tracked via handheld  scanners at the student entrance gate of Milan Puskar Stadium. While a student’s total number of  Loyalty Points can never fall below zero (0), attendance is the only way in which to earn points.

One (1) Loyalty Point is earned for attending a game for which Loyalty Distribution occurs  because the demand for tickets exceeds the supply.

Two (2) Loyalty Points are earned for attending a game for which Loyalty Distribution does  not occur because the demand for tickets does not exceed the supply.

Loyalty Points are sport-specific (meaning points earned for attending football games do  not count towards points earned for attending basketball games, etc., if this system is  eventually put in place for sports other than football). Twenty percent (20%) of Loyalty  Points are retained from one academic year to the next on a sport-specific basis.

11. When are Loyalty Points used to distribute student tickets?

Loyalty Points are used to assist in student ticket distribution ONLY WHEN STUDENT DEMAND FOR TICKETS EXCEEDS THE AMOUNT OF TICKETS AVAILABLE.

12. Do I get Loyalty Points for attending games as an official student member of the football team, band, or cheerleading squad?

Yes. Students who attend games as official members of the WVU Marching Band, football team,  cheerleading squad, etc., will be granted Loyalty Points for those games. These students should  contact their advisor who will in turn provide the Mountaineer Ticket Office with a list of names in  order to activate their loyalty points.

13. Why can’t all students who want to attend games be allowed into the stadium?

Due to safety issues related to overcrowding, the number of tickets issued must be limited to the  number of seats available. Historically, the number of students claiming tickets has almost always  been less than the number of seats available.

14. How do Loyalty Points work in distributing student tickets for games when students register for more tickets than are available?

For these high-demand games, each student has entries in a lottery equal to the  number of loyalty points earned by attending previous games. For example:

  • Student A has 24 out of a possible 24 Loyalty Points = 25 entries
  • Student B has 10 out of a possible 24 Loyalty Points = 11 entries
  • Student C has 0 out of a possible 24 Loyalty Points = 1 entry

Students improve their opportunity to obtain tickets to high-demand games by attending other  games throughout the football season.

15. Why are students with high numbers of Loyalty Points not guaranteed tickets?

No student is guaranteed a ticket to a game because all students who pay the student activities fee (eligible students) should have an opportunity to obtain a ticket to every game.

16. How do I cancel a ticket, and will I be penalized if I do so?

Students can cancel tickets online, but must do so no later than 12:00 Noon one day prior to gameday to avoid losing Loyalty Points.

17. Do I lose Loyalty Points if I don’t cancel a claimed ticket and don’t attend the game?


Students who claim a ticket and later decide not to attend the game for whatever reason will lose  Loyalty Points if they don’t cancel their ticket online before 12:00 Noon one day prior to gameday.

One (1) Loyalty Point is deducted if a student claims a ticket but (a) does not attend the game and  (b) cancels before kick-off on gameday, but after the ticket cancellation deadline of 12:00 noon one  day prior to gameday.

Two (2) Loyalty Points are deducted if a student claims a ticket but (a) does not to attend the game  and (b) does not cancel the ticket prior to kick-off on gameday.

18. What qualifies a student to sit in the Mountaineer Maniacs section?

Students who have paid the student activities fee, the Mountaineer Maniac membership fee, and  who are members in good standing with the Mountaineer Maniacs are eligible to select a ticket in  the Maniacs section. Membership in the Maniacs is limited to 4,000 students.

19. What qualifies a student to sit in Senior Spirit Section 121?

Students who have achieved senior status (89 or more credit hours) or who are graduate or professional students and have paid the special activities fee are eligible to select a ticket in the  Senior Spirit Section 121.

20. If I am a Maniac or eligible to sit in the Senior Spirit Section 121, do I have to sit in those sections?

No, Maniacs and those eligible to sit in the Senior Spirit Section 121 may instead chose to sit in the Upper or Lower Deck. However, Maniacs are only guaranteed seats in the Maniacs section.

21. What if my ticket gets damaged before entering Milan Puskar Stadium for football games? Will I still be able to get in?

In the event that a student’s ticket is damaged to the point of being unreadable, they can go to the Student Ticket Services tent at the student gates and ask that a new ticket be printed out. However, students must show the damaged ticket in order to get a new one. The system cannot accommodate printing new tickets for students who forget to bring their tickets. Therefore, students should be sure they have their tickets with them when they come to the stadium.

22. How many times can I print out my ticket?

Students can print out their tickets an unlimited number of times; however, only the first ticket scanned at the stadium will be accepted and all other copies of the ticket will then be rejected.

23. How can I see how many Loyalty Points I have accumulated?

A student may see their earned Loyalty Point total by logging into their account. Students have five (5) working days after attending each home game to verify they received the appropriate number of Loyalty Points for attendance. Appeals should be made to the Athletic Ticketing Office within the five day limit. After five days, the number of Loyalty Points becomes permanent in their record.

24. What are my rights and responsibilities as a WVU student football ticket holder?

Student tickets give the owner the right to view the event described from their assigned section.

Student ticket holders cannot enter the playing field, locker rooms or any other areas restricted to authorized personnel, and cannot interfere with others enjoyment of the event. Those who violate these terms will be ejected and could face further sanctions. Student ticket holders assume all risk of personal injury and loss or damage to personal property.

25. What happens if I give someone my ID or ticket?

Students who violate provisions of the student ticket distribution policy will be referred to the Office

of Student Rights and Responsibilities and, when necessary, to the Department of Public Safety (WVU Police).

Violations that will result in referrals include, but are not limited to

  • The sale or attempted sale of student tickets.
  • The duplication, replication, or alteration of student tickets.
  • The presentation of a false, duplicated, replicated, or altered WVU Student ID, or the WVU Student ID of another student, at the student entry gate or elsewhere in Milan Puskar Stadium.
  • Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to the online student ticket distribution system or the personal account of another student.
  • Violations of stadium rules.

Students found “responsible” for violations of the student ticket distribution policy by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities or convicted of a criminal act related to the student ticket distribution policy, face the loss of all accumulated Loyalty Points in football, in addition to other penalties.

26. What happens if my ID is confiscated or lost at a game?

Students whose ID are confiscated as a result of Stadium and Coliseum violations and ticketing violations or students whose IDs are lost and found at any event may pick up their student IDs after 10 a.m. the following business day at the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Room 84 Boreman North Residence Hall, 304-293-8111.

27. Why was an online student ticket distribution system implemented?

The online system offers many advantages, including:

  • 24-hour convenience of accessing tickets on the Internet 
  • The ability to request, claim, and print out tickets
  • Purchasing and printing guest tickets (when available) online
  • Quick hand-held scanning of tickets at the student entrance gate of Milan Puskar Stadium
  • Ability to reward the biggest fans when the lottery system is activated

28. How may I submit comments or suggestions regarding student ticket distribution?

Students may send e-mails to or call 1-800 WVU GAME.