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Football Ticket Distribution

Ticket Registration Period

(2 days)

Students have two days to register for a ticket to each home game.

If ticket requests are fewer than tickets available, all registered students are awarded tickets via email.

If ticket requests exceed tickets available, tickets are awarded via a loyalty-based lottery.

Students have entries in the lottery equal to the number of Loyalty Points earned from attending previous games, from Seniority Loyalty points, and, if eligible, from the 20% of points carried over from the last season.

Ticket Claim Period

(2 days)

Students have two days to claim their awarded ticket online by printing the ticket at home.

When a lottery occurs, any tickets that are not claimed during the two day claim period are made available first come first served during the on-demand period.

Ticket Print-On-Demand Period

(Until all tickets are distributed)

Students may print tickets “on demand” as long as tickets remain available (even if they forgot to register during the two day registration period).

When no lottery occurs, print-on-demand begins at the start of the claim period and continues until all tickets are distributed.

When a lottery occurs, print-on-demand begins after the claim period for student who won the lottery ends (if tickets remain available).

If available, student guest tickets for football become available during the print-on-demand period.

Loyalty Points for Attendance


Students earn Loyalty Points by attending games, but lose Loyalty Points for failing to attend games for which they claim a ticket.

Students must bring their printed ticket and WVU ID to the student entrance for admission on gameday. Students who claim a ticket but decide not to attend a game must cancel their ticket by 12:00 Noon one day prior to gameday to avoid losing Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points Earned by Seniority and Carry-Over

At the start of the season, eligible students will receive 20% of their Loyalty Points from last season.

Students will also receive Loyalty Points for seniority at the start of the season:

Seniors/Grads: 5
Juniors: 3
Sophomores: 2
Freshmen: 1

© Copyright 2007, Ticketreturn, All rights reserved. The West Virginia University’s Student Ticketing System was designed and authored by Ticketreturn from a preexisting, patend-pending software product that was modified to comply with policy recommendations made by a special committee of WVU students.